Come check out our sleek Melonseed sailboat!


Our little fleet can be found in the West Exhibition Hall

The Seattle Boat Show is well underway and we are glad to report that it is going very well! There’s a completely different “vibe” around boating than we’ve experienced in the past couple of years.

It’s no secret that companies like ours are the economic canaries in the coal mine… Boatbuilders are the first to cough when the economic atmosphere gets grim, and the first to hear the canary chirp when things turn for the better. Well, the canary is singing a sweet song now!  Chirp, chirp!

During the shows the past few years staffing the exhibit hasn’t been much fun… People were interested in looking but were too worried about the future to allow themselves to dream. But this year, the fun is back! People have been involved in the discussions, planning, laughing, dreaming and yes, ordering boats. The backlog of orders is growing by the day so if you are dreaming about adventures in a Gig Harbor boat, now is the time to make your move.  The show runs through 4pm on Sunday – if you’ve been thinking about coming to take a look it’s well worth your time.  Visit for information and tickets.

One other quick thought:

One the reasons why we enjoy the shows is because it is kind of a family reunion. Lots of folks come by to tell us about their experiences in their Gig Harbor boat. We get a wide range of reports. Everything from a young child’s first row from the home beach to (get this) one of our smaller tenders going on deck of yacht to antarctica. We’ll be posting some pictures and more stories later.

(Apologies for the camera phone photos – not having time to take some pro pictures of the booth is a good problem for us to have!)