This nicely kept, basic Jersey Skiff rowboat with sliding rowing seat centerboard trunk!

The owner planned to convert to sail so ordered the boat with the provision that it could be easily finished as a sailboat at a later date. If you really want a Jersey Skiff but need to budget the purchase ( or build your own sail rig) here is a rare opportunity to get on the water now.

This boat has white exterior gelcoat, gray interior gelcoat, stainless steel keel guard, sliding rowing seat, complete centerboard assembly, boat cover and one pair of 9’ spoon oars. The trailer is not included. The price for a new identical sister ship would be $10,177 … you can save a chunk of money because this Jersey skiff is only $8500.

Give us a call at (253) 851-2126 or send us an email if this looks like it might be the boat for you!