UPDATE: This boat is now sold

This very nice Whitehall just arrived from Santa Barbara California in trade on another Gig Harbor boat. It was primarily used for sailing, so it has all the hull mounted hardware plus mast step and daggerboard trunk. The owner kept the rest of the sail rig for his new boat, so this Whitehall doesn’t have an included sail rig, but it can be used as it is now for pure rowing or easily converted to sail. If you’ve been waffling on whether to choose a rowboat or sailboat, this is a great option for you – it is a perfectly serviceable rowboat as-is, and you can always purchase a sailing rig later if you decide you want to give sailing a whirl.

Included is the Whitehall rowboat with three rowing positions, adjustable fixed seat for tandem or solo (we can convert to sliding seat if desired) , s.s keel, wood sheer, green color full boat cover and 1 pair of 8’ spoon oars. No fancy colors here – the hull has a traditional white exterior and gray interior.  New replacement cost is $6300 so the offering price of $4295 is an opportunity to get a nicely kept Whitehall and be on the water tomorrow.