Here’s a rare one! Although we have built around 50 sailing Melonseeds this is only the second one we know of to come on the used Market on the West coast. The owner is from the fresh water areas of Oregon and says he discovered he’s ‘just a rower.’ Although he purchased this boat with the complete sail rig and rudder mounted electric motor he has never used the boat for anything other than rowing. The sail and rig has never been out of the bag since he took the boat home in 2009…..So he brought it back to us as a trade–in for a basic Melonseed rowboat.

It has Mahogany trim, Stainless steel keel guard, complete sail rig, sliding seat with auxiliary seat, dry storage hatches, 2 seat cushions, tiller extension, 1 pair of 9’ spoon blade oars, trailer and boat cover. New replacement cost would be just over $16,500. His asking price is just $12,950 which represents a great value.

Melonseed - stern view

Melonseed Available Now