In the terminology of car guys, this boat is a “Barn Find.” That means an item was placed in storage and basically forgotten for a generation or two, but then is rediscovered as new. This 10’ boat is the predecessor of our 10’ Navigator which we called the 10’ Gig Harbor Dinghy. It served well, but the smooth hull sides weren’t quite aesthetically to our liking, so in the mid 1990’s we redesigned this hull by adding lapstrake sides and then renamed it the Navigator.


The original owner of this Gig Harbor Dinghy purchased it in the early 90’s and took it to his waterfront home on Hood Canal. After an initial christening and sail it went into his boathouse where it remained for the next 20 some years. With the passage of those years he realized now he can’t physically use the boat so we were tasked with finding a new home for it. The appearance is basic, but it does have the necessities – a kevlar / composite hull, sail rig with optional large mainsail, and stainless steel keel guard. Sorry, no oars included. It is very reasonably priced at only $1795.

10' Gig Harbor Sailboat