Here is an unusual, highly customized 17′ Jersey Skiff. It is an open, undecked version designed for fishing and exercise by a fellow in Gig harbor who has limited use of his legs. We built this boat with particular attention to ease of operation and redundant systems to ensure he could get home at the end of a day of fishing.

It has a sliding rowing seat so the boat can be effectively operated facing either forward or aft! He primarily used our Forward Facing Rowing Mechanism with the slide seat, but if he ran out of energy he could get home on either the rudder mounted electric propulsion or a special, light-duty, easy-set-up sail rig. There is no centerboard so although it sails nicely downwind or reaching it has limited performance to weather… that’s what the motor was for. Also included is a galvanized trailer, deep cycle battery with battery charger, one pair of 9’ spoon blade oars and custom made boat cover .

Jersey Skiff with light-duty sail rig (Click to enlarge)

The only downside is that it needs some TLC – a good cleaning, and when the real Burmese Teak gunwale trim was last refinished some of the oil ran down a few parts of the hull which stained the gelcoat. Some of that could be removed with an application of serious elbow grease but I’d expect some residual staining.

Fully equipped with sliding seat (ready for forward rowing), light duty sail rig, and ruddermount electric motor. (Click to enlarge)

The price for a new sistership with the same options would be around $13,000. This consigned, used boat would save you about 25% at its asking price of $9450 …. And you could be on the water tomorrow. *** Note*** the owner kept the FFRS so it is not included with this boat. We could either set up a new FFRS for the buyer (additional $775) or convert to traditional aft facing (no charge).

Open (undecked) version of Jersey Skiff – a rare combination to find in a sailing model. (Click to enlarge)