GREAT NEWS!  Bestselling author Dick Herman will be joining us at the Strictly Sail Pacific boat show on Saturday, April 11th!

160x600_SSP_115Richard “Dick” Herman,  the author of A Boat Called Scamp, is the skipper of  Gig Harbor BoatWorks Scamp #1 and an avid small craft sailor.  He is a retired Air Force officer and  a best-selling author of fourteen novels – including  critically acclaimed The Warbirds, Firebreak, Call to Duty, and Power Curve. His novels are read world-wide and have reached to the White House.  Mr. Herman currently lives and writes in Folsom, California.

Cover A Bopat Called Scamp

Other books by Richard Herman:

The Peacemakers • Caly’s Island • A Far Justice • The Last Phoenix • The Trojan Sea • Edge of Honor • Against All Enemies • Power Curve • Iron Gate • Dark Wing • Call to Duty • Firebreak • Force of Eagles • The Warbirds

Dick spins a great story… come join us any time during the day on Saturday the 11th, when he will be at our booth signing copies of his book. (Copies will be available for purchase.)

If you’re intrigued by the Scamp, we’ll have one with us for viewing at our booth. You can also take a demo ride with us at the marina!

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