Come see us and our fiberglass version of the 12′ SCAMP, Sept 17 – 20 at theĀ Newport International Boat Show!

We are amidst our preparations for the New England leg of our trip from our home in the Northwest out to the Northeast corner of the Country. While we love cruising up here in the San Juan Islands, there is a whole world of waterways out there. There are so many places for you to enjoy your boat!

If you want to see our boats up close, here’s your chance to check out the SCAMP micro cruiser. We will also be featuring the Melonseed skiff with sliding row seats andĀ deck. Both boats use our custom balanced lug rig.

Check out the rigging and craftsmanship for yourself and we’ll be glad to tell you more about it at the Newport and Annapolis Fall shows !

Click the image below to learn more about the show and order your tickets online.

Newport Boat Show

See Us in Newport !