We also brought a fully equipped Navigator sailing dinghy to Annapolis. As typical for  show demo we added all the most popular options so it can be used as both a yacht tender and / recreational  boat.

Here is the equipment list;

10′ Navigator dinghy, base price, cat rigged       $3295

High Performance bowsprit and 120% genoa     595

Dark blue gelcoat top strake                                   429

Reinforced gunwale                                                  149 (for side mounting on swim step)

4 point s.s. lifting eyes @45                                    180 (for davit or overhead storage)

1 pr 7′ spoon blade oars w/ bronze oarocks          295

Stainless steel keel guard                                          109

Kick up rudder                                                              75


Total                                                                          $5127

Shipping Gig harbor to Annapolis                        800


Grand total                                                               $5927

Discount                                                                   (1427)

Sale price                                                                  $4500

It is also brand new in every way and  can serve your family for generations. It is in storage near Annapolis and our Eastern representative could have you on the water tomorrow. Contact us for further details.

Check out this page to learn more about the 10′ Navigator and see customer photos of this model. Contact Us if you are interested in owning this boat!

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