Every once and a while we come in contact with a customer wanting to sell their boat but they live on the opposite coast. This boat was transported all the way to the New York Finger Lakes area where it was used on the water and loved by the owner. We agreed to list it for her and hope to help find a new owner.
It has been well cared for and has some nice features like varnished wood sheer, blue stripe and electric propulsion. It also has all the functional features you would expect from a well outfitted Pt. Defiance like a stainless steel keelguard, kick up rudder and 2 pairs of 8′ spoonblade oars. The rigging is complete with a 2 piece aluminum mast, wooden boom, daggerboard, mainsail and jib.

This boat is quickly rigged and you can be out sailing in no time. It’s light enough for two people to lift into the water or into a pickup truck. It’s small enough to be sailed by one and big enough to bring along up to 4 adults. If there isn’t any wind, you can go for a row or bring along friends and the second pair of oars.

It is in great condition and a replacement today would be over $10,000 not including the trailer. There is a slight mar in the wood near the bow as seen in the photos. This boat is offered for pick up in the Syracuse NY area for $7295


img_5133 img_5125 img_5121 img_5118  img_5115 img_5116 img_5109 rudder mounted motorimg_5108 img_5106