We have searched long and hard for a wood canoe that meets our high quality standards as well as the needs of our customers who prefer a traditional canoe design. We are partnering with American Traders to provide fine wood composite canoes and rowboats

These boats are built in Quebec using the best of traditional and modern methods. The hulls are built from steam-bent cedar planking held in place with self-clinching brass rivets, which results in a very strong and lightweight fastening system. The boat is then removed from the form and a sheathing of clear epoxy is applied. Epoxy-saturated, clear fiberglass cloth permanently seals the wood pores, preventing deterioration while giving it depth and luster. Seats, decks, and thwarts are then installed and the entire boat is protected with a marine spar varnish.

Frequently we hear people say, “These boats are too pretty to put in the water.” Rest assured that these boats are in fact much more durable than people realize. With proper care they can be passed down from one generation to the next, providing their owners with a lifetime of pleasure rather than just a few years of service.

Skylark Specifications

Length Beam Bow Depth Mid Depth Stern Depth Weight Capacity
14’2” 40″ 25” 13-1/2” 22” 82 lbs. 750 lbs.

Over three years in planning, the Skylark represents the sum of American Trader’s efforts to create the perfect small rowing craft. Comfortably sized to fit up to three adults, this beautiful boat tracks superbly with a unique triple-keel design. The Skylark comes with two sets of brass oar sockets; cherry trim, seats, and backrest. A wide, fan-shaped stern seat is optionally available that looks and feels fantastic. As versatile as it is beautiful, the Skylark is destined to become a hit with sportsmen as well as the recreational rower. And if you prefer not to row, the Skylark’s square stern allows for up to a 4HP gas motor (or any size electric) to be mounted instead.



Trader Specifications

Length Beam Bow Depth Mid Depth Stern Depth Weight Capacity
14’8″ 34-1/2″ 21″ 13″ 21” 58 lbs. 690 lbs.

Graceful, elegant lines and a stunning hull design highlight our extremely popular Trader model. The Trader is our most visually striking canoe. Crafted for the intermediate paddler who appreciates the fine lines of a well-designed touring canoe, the Trader is ideal for tandem touring on flat waters.

Numerous other styles and sizes of canoes are available.

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