We are custom builders and every boat we build is made to order. But, if you’re not particularly picky, want a boat now without waiting for us to build it for you, or are just looking to save a little money, we occasionally have used boats available for sale. Usually they are consigned by our customers who have decided to upgrade or change to another of our boats, for whatever reason. Our current inventory of available boats is shown below; to get an idea of the sort of used boats we’ve had in the past, check out the “Available Now” category of our blog.


SOLD: 9.5′ Captain’s Gig Rowboat

Available now is a 9.5′ Captains Gig yacht tender. Get ready for cruising season in this nice blue and white dinghy. The original owner specified the boat with three sets of oarlocks plus our removable longitudinal seat so they could keep the dinghy correctly balanced while carrying varying loads. And of course all serious cruisers want the stainless steel keel guard too.

New replacement price for an identical sistership is $2292. There are a few scratches and gunwale marks but it’s easy to overlook those to save $800! This will sell FAST at just $1495.