Here at Gig Harbor Boat Works, we build ten different boat models from 8 to 17 feet in length. Each boat is available in a rowing and a sailing version. Here is a photographic overview of all the boats we build, by size (from largest to smallest).

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17′ Jersey Skiff

The 17′ Jersey Skiff was designed in the mid-1800’s to be beach-launched and rowed through surf for rescue and salvage work. This required a boat that was stable and fast, had a high carrying capacity, and was easy to handle even when short-handed. The resulting design marries the best attributes of the classic Whitehall and New England Dory hulls.

16′ Melonseed

The Melonseed is a refined design from the sportsmans boat used on the bays of the Jersey Shore and the Chesapeake. The box keel tracks like a Whitehall yet sits flat on the beach. The boat is blazingly fast with a set of dual sliding seats and a cat balanced lug rig.

16′ Swampscott Dory

The 16′ Swampscott Dory is an excellent open water and expedition classic small boat. Swampscott Dories were launched off the beaches of Massachusetts for fishing and lobstering, as well as used in the North Atlantic for fishing on the Grand Banks. The boats were noted for their ease of handling and speed through the water. Today’s adventuresome boater will find its carrying capacity suitable for long trips.

15′ Maine Lobster Boat

The Lobster Boat is an excellent fishing boat, as a small motor will get you out to that hot spot fast, yet she rows easily for a slow troll. It has a wide, flat bottom with plenty of room.

14′ Whitehall

The 14′ Whitehall is a classic small boat design suitable for rowing, sailing or low impact slide seat rowing exercise. This boat, with its long waterline and flowing lines, is amazingly fast for a small boat. At the turn of the century, Whitehalls were a popular work and recreational boat in the harbor, carrying goods and people.

12′ Scamp

Just under 12 feet in length, Scamp boasts an unusual combination of features that give her the unique ability to explore waters too shallow for a larger boat, while retaining most of the bigger boat’s comforts and capabilities.

12′ Point Defiance

The 12′ Point Defiance traces its heritage to the fleet of efficient, seaworthy small boats  from the early 1900s that were used for salmon fishing in the tide rips and chop at Point Defiance, Washington. Our version of this classic small craft offers tremendous versatility; it can be rowed either tandem or solo, is a delight to sail, and can easily accept an outboard motor to make an excellent fishing boat.

10′ Navigator

A great knockabout small boat, suitable for cartop transport for boating on inland lakes and the inner harbor, and also makes an excellent yacht tender. Good carrying capacity and a pleasure to row and sail.

9.5′ Captain’s Gig

An ideal size for a yacht tender, it is small enough to sidemount on the yacht transom, and it tracks exceptionally well for towing. One of the most stable sailboats available in a small size.

8′ Nisqually

A lightweight 8’ boat that has good rowing qualities, sails like a champ, motors 8 knots with a 2 h.p. outboard, and safely carries 3 people and a dog. And good looks, to boot! A lot of boat in a small package.

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