A new expedition-worthy 17′ sailboat is coming from Gig Harbor Boat Works!

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When you make beautiful, highly-capable boats with traditional designs, there’s not much need to mess with what works. Most sailors want what’s tried-and-true. After all, a timeless look is what makes a classic, a classic. But once in a blue moon, we see a gap in our current offerings and feel the urge to create something new that might just become someone’s dream boat. So for the first time in many years, we are introducing a...

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New Ocean Rowing World Record set by Jacob Adoram

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Ocean rower Jacob Adoram has now broken the world record for longest time at sea on a solo rowboat! He has spent 313 days at sea (so far) on his route from Neah Bay, USA to Cairns, Australia. Jacob estimates he’ll make landfall in the first week of June. Jacob Adoram’s website has a lot of interesting information about the design and build of his boat, as well as a blog he is able to occasionally update with stories and photos while...

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Deck the Hulls: Bringing the Holiday Spirit to the Waterfront

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This weekend people everywhere are greening their houses, their workplaces, and their cities in preparation for the holiday season. Why not let a boat be part of the fun?! Here in Gig Harbor we have a great maritime culture, and every year there is a holiday boat parade where people festoon their boats with lights, and circle the harbor after sunset. It’s fun to view both from the water and from land, taking in the holiday lights from...

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10 Tips to Keep You Safe on Your Next Boat Camping Trip

Posted by on Oct 3, 2018 in Just for Fun |

Boat lovers understand that being in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to spend time with family and friends. On the water or on land, from hiking and mountain biking to swimming and fishing, camping gives you time to unwind, get into nature, and spend time with loved ones. But, camping is more enjoyable for everyone when it is safe.

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Puget Sound Crab season opens tomorrow, June 30th!

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One of the key signs that summer is here in the Puget Sound is the arrival of crab season… when our local waters are suddenly dotted by the red and white buoys that indicate a forest of crabpots hidden beneath the surface. If you’ve got a GH Boat that’s been sitting idle, waiting for an excuse to get put to work, there is no better occasion than this!  

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