Oar Northwest’s Mississippi adventure

Posted by on Nov 3, 2016 in Mailbag, Ocean Rowing |

Our friends at Oar Northwest are at it again in their Gig Harbor Jersey Skiff rowboats, making their second annual trip down the entire length of the Mississippi River. The purpose of the trip is for scientific water study and to bring adventure to the classroom. OAR Northwest was founded by Jordan Hanssen and Greg Spooner, with the goal of boosting adventure education in K-12 classrooms. This year they are traveling 2,320 miles from Minnesota to Louisiana.

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OAR Northwest team capsized, but safe

Posted by on Apr 7, 2013 in Ocean Rowing | 2 comments

Yesterday we got the news that Oar Northwest’s journey from Senegal to Miami, FL came to a sudden and premature end.  When they were about 400 miles from Puerto Rico, a rogue wave capsized the boat, and it was unable to right itself.  The crew was able to activate their distress signal and get into a life raft.  The US Coast Guard located them and a civilian vessel pulled them from the water.  By now they should have their feet on dry...

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