Photos from SCAMP Skills academy

Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in SCAMP | 1 comment

We had a very interesting time at last weekend’s Scamp Skills academy, taught by SCAMP guru Howard Rice. Attendees included owners of Gig Harbor and homebuilt Scamps, plus a few folks contemplating getting or building a Scamp. Topics includes sailing techniques, building tips, capsize and recovery, rigging, equipment and more. The wind was brisk so Saturday the fleet stayed inside port Hudson and ventured outside briefly Sunday. Tacking...

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A couple of Scamp goodies

Posted by on Sep 6, 2013 in SCAMP | 1 comment

Two of the most vexing problems we hear about are trailers that actually fit a Scamp and how to store oars that are long enough to be of practical use. Well, our crinkled, scribbled and doodled upon napkins have yielded results again. Had to resharpen the pencils a few times too. Scamp won’t fit on a regular boat trailer because the twin keelsons prevent the use of conventional bunks. And if you try to use a flat bed trailer loading...

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SCAMP: Getting into production mode

Posted by on Aug 16, 2013 in SCAMP | 1 comment

Our Scamp #1 is now at its home in the California bay area and #2 just left for its home in Maryland. Our goal is to build a Scamp approximately every three weeks, so for those of you who already have orders and know where you stand in the queue, you can guesstimate when yours will come up. There has been a little shuffling in the order as a couple of buyers have opted to change places. Here are a few pictures… The Scamp with the bright...

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