Scamp update #15: Time to get serious‏

Posted by on May 26, 2013 in SCAMP |

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen… We are getting VERY close to closing the door on the tooling end of the fiberglass Scamp project. Next w eek will be assembling the primary components of hull, deck, interior, bulkhead and centerboard trunk that culminate in hull #1 which the future owner has already named ‘Klompen’. We’ll soon have ‘Klompen” out of the mold and on the boatshop floor! Pictures will be forthcoming...

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Scamp Update #14: An even dozen, and interior progress

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in SCAMP | 3 comments

Yes, we are at an even dozen orders for ‘Glass Scamps!  Thank you all for your patience… “our” Scamp will be well worth waiting for. The mold for the interior (including floor, seats, water ballast tank, floor storage tank, sump, and seat hatch recesses) is laminated and undergoing final sanding a polishing. Likewise the bulkhead mold is built, and floor hatch molds are complete. The latter parts will need final surface prep too,...

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Scamp Update #13: The Bulkhead

Posted by on Mar 30, 2013 in SCAMP | 1 comment

Scamp is starting to look like a boat!  Today we’ve got news about a big step forward and a small step back. The bulkhead is the keystone that locks the entire puzzle of hull, deck, interior and sail rig together. It’s the last major piece of structure we have to build and it is shaped and ready for primer/ final sanding today. Previously we mentioned how we couldn’t build the bulkhead until all the other components are designed and built...

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Scamp Update #12: The interior structure

Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in SCAMP |

The Crocus blooming around the boatshop turns our thoughts turn to Spring and gets us really concentrating on getting our Scamp in the water. No, I still can’t predict a time but it’s getting closer! Now I can stand next to the Scamp mold and visualize sitting in the cockpit and sailing away… Several of the home built reports said they wished for larger cockpit drains and larger sump at the stern floor so we incorporated those into our version....

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Scamp Update #11: The deck exists!

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in SCAMP |

This has been a real busy last few weeks… Almost two full weeks were occupied with the all-encompassing exhibit at the Seattle Boat Show in January. Not only was it the first showing of Scamp (the prototype) to the public at a major boat show, we also exhibited our entire line of traditional rowing and sailing craft. This entails fifteen 10-to-12-hour days and innumerable vehicle trips between Gig Harbor and Seattle. Plus we kept making...

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Scamp Update #10: The Deck Mold

Posted by on Jan 10, 2013 in SCAMP |

Hiya Scampers, During the holidays the shop was at half staff but we kept plugging along on the tooling. (Hah, that’s a fiberglass pun!) I think it came together nicely, with the smoother appearance of the ‘glass deck retaining the character of the pugnacious Scamp. Our changes really wouldn’t be noticeable unless a ‘glass and wood Scamp were sitting side by side…. I like the way the cabin sides flow into the coamings which then tie in...

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