SCAMP Update #7

Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in SCAMP |

Yeah, it has been over a month since the last update. But I have an excuse… I was sailing in the BVI … But never fear, Falk and the guys here were real busy in my absence and made great progress. The hull mold is FINISHED! This first group of photos below shows the plug with the first ‘skin coats’ of gelcoat and fine layers of underlay fiberglass. These first layers need to be very precise, smooth and bubble free because and imperfection will...

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SCAMP Update #6

Posted by on Oct 2, 2012 in SCAMP | 1 comment

Hi Guys and Gals, Well, this is the period I mentioned  a few weeks ago when lots of hours of labor results in little visible change to our Scamp plug. Fairing the exterior planks is one of those boring, time consuming tasks that seems to take forever yet is critical to the intrinsic value of the finished boat….smooth, flowing mirror finish planks don’t happen by accident. Basically you start by applying  a thin layer of fairing putty, then...

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SCAMP Update #5

Posted by on Sep 8, 2012 in SCAMP | 1 comment

We had an interesting week. Along with all our usual activities, we had a group of visiting Small Craft owners stop by the boatshop as part of their group cruise through Puget Sound. Their timing was perfect because the same day Scamp’s designer John Welsford, adventurer (and Scamp advisor) Howard Rice, and Small Craft Advisor magazine editor Josh Colvin editor were all here to see and consult on the progress of our Fiberglass Scamp. They...

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SCAMP Update #4

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in SCAMP |

Time for another SCAMP update – work is progressing pretty quickly now! This part of the construction is the installation of a temporary deck, and then turning the hull over to design the keelsons and begin the fairing process. The purpose of this temporary deck is to create the overhang of the upper hull edge… the fiberglass deck will be bonded to the hull at the sheerline which requires precisely matching surfaces on the top of...

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SCAMP update #3

Posted by on Aug 18, 2012 in SCAMP |

We made good progress last week! The upper planks are permanently bonded (double planks)and the deck chine is in place. The basic deck structure and format has been napkin doodled successfully to the point where sawdust is starting to fly. A tricky point has been figuring how to make the transition of the deck side overhang to the transom which will also have an overhang for deck bonding purposes. Wood Scamps have a nice detail molding cap on...

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SCAMP update #2

Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in SCAMP |

Here is another SCAMP tidbit to keep you titillated! The below photos show the installation of the double center plank. I think I previously mentioned that we need to make the planks slightly thicker than standard because fiberglass requires a smooth transition between planks. This requires ½” planking thickness…. but ½” plywood wont bend to Scamps sweeping contours, so we decided to double plank layers of ¼’ plywood for the center and upper...

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