Our flotation tubes, called ‘Dinghy Dogs,’ allow boaters to have the benefits of an inflatable without the drawbacks. The typical inflatable is inherently fragile and ungainly. They are poor to row, unmanageable in a crosswind, and a punctured tube can be disastrous. Hard-bottom inflatables are very heavy, extremely expensive and require more storage space than our boats of the same length. ‘Dinghy Dogs’ flotation tubes can be installed and removed in less than a minute. They are constructed of a heavy wall rubber air bladder covered with a robust vinyl sheath. The air inflation/deflation valves are large and securely shielded, and a high volume air pump is included with purchase.

Our Gig Harbor Boats are already very stable, but if you desire extra stability for cleaning, towing, guests, pets, or children, you may want to consider dinghy dogs. These inflatable devices attach to the sides of hard dinghies to provide stability like an inflatable boat, without losing the performance of a hard fiberglass dinghy.

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The large tubes can be used in place of fenders and make boarding easy.

Flotation tubes do not interfere with rowing as the tubes barely kiss the water. You get stability without the usual drag imposed by the typical inflatables’ submerged tubes.

Simple installation requires only seconds to remove or replace. A small channel is bonded to the boat at the waterline, and the tube clips into this channel. Then the tube is fastened to cleats fore and aft.


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