Our new Inflatable Sponsons are an easy way to add protection, stability and flotation to your boat. They attach to the gunwale and are designed in such a way that they don’t interfere with rowing or drag in the water.

These sponsons store flat or folded, saving valuable storage space and have easy to use valves for secure and fast inflation and deflation using any basic air pump.

Falk took them out for the test as he put on his wet suit and boots to rock the boat. Even with his strong attempt to make it capsize, little to no water entered the boat and he stayed dry!

  1. Locate the sponson track so that sponsons are centered on the widest part of the boat. This usually puts them towards the back; on smaller boats (10′ or less) the sponson should run from the transom forward.
  2. You will need stainless #6 flat head fasteners —either machine screws if you can through-bolt, or sheet metal screws if you can’t. Space screws evenly along the tracks, approximately 12″ apart. Make sure you use caulking compound, especially if you drilled into a closed compartment.
  3. Once the track is in place, the sponson can be slid into position starting at the transom end. It helps to have the sponsons partially inflated before installation, and to have a helping hand available to guide them onto the track. You can choose to have the valves facing up or down. Valves are located toward the ends and are simple open tubes. To seal, fold in half and insert under the cover. The tube should have one hard crease for a good seal.
  4. To inflate, any pumps with adapters will work. (Tire type pumps will not work.) Inflate until firm. Once inflated, fold the valve tube in half, remove the pump nozzle, and tuck it under the cover. To deflate, push or pull the tube out the same way it went in. Do not push through the opposite end of the cover. To avoid the possibility of getting water in the sponsons, do not submerge with open valves. Sponsons can be stored with valves open or closed.
  5. Fully inflated sponsons tend to lock themselves into place on the boat, but for additional security you may install cleats at either end of the track. Sponsons have tiedown loops which can be used to secure them. Please be sure to fully inflate sponsons before cleating them off.