We are custom builders and every boat we build is made to order. But, if you’re not particularly picky, want a boat now without waiting for us to build it for you, or are just looking to save a little money, we occasionally have used boats available for sale. Usually they are consigned by our customers who have decided to upgrade or change to another of our boats, for whatever reason.

Our current inventory of available used boats is shown below; if this page is empty, you can get an idea of the sort of used boats we’ve had in the past by checking out the “Available Now” category of our blog. If you’re looking for a NEW boat that’s ready now, check out our New In Stock page.

Available now: Rowing 12′ Pt. Defiance

This boat is powered by you, has been refurbished and is in used condition. For a tender or rowboat, you can have this one for $2,795



Available now : Lobster boat package with motor

We are listing a very special Lobster Boat built for Dave Robertson, our founder. He built it specifically for his needs, which are primarily crabbing and lake fishing. He also also used it for family excursions, picnics at local islands, and even filming GHBW U tube segments.

Dave used the undecked base boat because the deck is intended to keep the boat drier when heeled under sail. The counterpoint of the wide side decks is losing substantial interior volume which is preferable for a row / workboat. He also added a custom front triangular seat for Shadow, his Queensland Heeler who loves to stand on the bow under way. This seat / platform also adds lots of additional reserve flotation with storage under for anchor and stuff. The round side hatches have tight lids to access sealed storage under.

(This is a sister ship shown for comparison) – note how much interior space is sacrificed for the deck.