Mailbag : Thanks for an awesome boat!

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Mailbag | 1 comment

We received an email from an appreciative customer in Alaska who thanked us for his boat that he uses quite frequently exploring the glacier lakes near Juneau Alaska. I in turn thanked him for sending us the awesome pictures with the blue ice in a shade I can’t describe. The visuals of the ice are also helping us cool down on these hot days of summer.  Then I asked him what he’s doing up there with his 10′ navigator….....

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Autumn 2009 Newsletter

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Welcome! Here in the Pacific Northwest, Autumn is here! Cooler weather makes for more comfortable afternoon rowing, right? We have a lot of news for you, and hope you enjoy reading this newsletter as much as we enjoyed putting it together. SCIENCE GUY DAVE Dave had some fun playing with the laws of physics in one of our 9.5′ Captain’s Gigs. People ask how fast a small boat can go with an outboard motor, and our answer is often...

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September 2008 Newsletter

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Welcome! Here in the Pacific Northwest, September means the last chance to enjoy the summer weather and so we make every effort to get out and enjoy the warm days and cool nights. If you need a boat for your winter trips South, now is the time to give us a call; our order book fills up in the late fall as people plan for Christmas presents and winter trips to the South Pacific. We have a lot of news for you this month, and hope you enjoy...

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