With the slide seat, Dave averages about 30 feet per oar stroke.

After church Sunday afternoon when the sun came out, Dave and Janet actually had a few hours with no obligations. So where to go for an adventure close to home? The answer is a sail / row to Blake Island, a boat-accessible only State Park between Gig Harbor and Seattle. The Manchester boat launch is only 1/2 hour from Gig Harbor. Then a great sail in a light Northerly breeze brought the Melonseed Skiff’s bow gently grounding on the west beach of Blake Island. They had a nice 2 mile hike through the majestic trees to the Indian Long house and back to the beach. By then the afternoon breeze had completely died, so Dave rowed the 1 1/2 miles  back to Manchester. The entire trip from driving away from the shop to the launch site, sailing, hiking, rowing and return took only about 4 hours. Sweeet!

Melonseed waiting on the beach