Jim and Theresa just picked up their new boat, and gave their newest family member a hearty welcome. They sent us this note and invited our readers to see their launching ceremony (complete with video of the champagne christening) on their blog:

Today we launched our 14′ Whitehall rowboat that I picked up last Friday.  I posted several photos and a video on my blog.http://rentonkayaker.blogspot.com/2011/10/launch-of-merry-yarn.html

My wife is the “official” owner of the row boat since I already have a kayak and we plan to go out rowing and paddling together soon. She named the boat “The Merry Yarn” and I made sure she played the lead role in the launch.  Several of us rowed it today and we all liked the way it handles.

Thank you for building this beautiful boat for us.

– Jim and Theresa

Thanks for giving “The Merry Yarn” a great new home. We can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures!