Well, Ladies and Gentlemen…

We are getting VERY close to closing the door on the tooling end of the fiberglass Scamp project. Next w eek will be assembling the primary components of hull, deck, interior, bulkhead and centerboard trunk that culminate in hull #1 which the future owner has already named ‘Klompen’. We’ll soon have ‘Klompen” out of the mold and on the boatshop floor! Pictures will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

The initial sea trials will commence thereafter, probably mid-June depending on when the last parts arrive from outside vendors. Most of these are on schedule; Masts are at the powder coating shop, bronze deadlights arrived stateside from the foundry in Thailand, Hatches, cleats etc. are all on the way too. The varnished wood Yard and Boom are on site. And of course we still have to figure out some of those ‘little details’ like the best way to install the centerboard and lifting tackle into the centerboard trunk.

These photos show the parts that required the most technical tooling and fabrication of the entire project. The rudder and centerboard are NACA foils with very critical shapes. The leading and trailing edges have very fine terminations requiring multiple steps… Laminating each side of every rudder and centerboard in the clamshell mold takes at last 4 individual layers of glass and core reinforcement over a 3 or 4 day period. The lead ballast in the centerboard is in shot form so is combined in a slurry, then allowed to cure conforming to the inside of the foil. Finally the two sides of each rudder and centerboard have to be precisely aligned to within a few hundredths of an inch and bonded together. But again, the time and effort is worth it. Just holding these parts in our hands we can sense the balance and perfect shape that will result in quiet, effortless speed. Wowsa.

Now it’s time to start thinking about subsequent boats! Below is a list of options and accessories to consider.  As with our entire line of boats, the base price includes everything you need to sail; just add water. Options and accessories are exactly that; extra stuff that makes her prettier or more sophisticated to operate.


Dave and Crew at GHBW

Scamp Option List 5/2013


Cosmetic options:

Hull color change                             $549

(White hull exterior is standard)

Deck and interior color change    $249

(Bisque Tan deck and interior std.)

Bronze Deadlights                           $295 pr.

(white nylon deadlights standard)

Mahogany Gunwale trim                $895

(standard gunwale trim is tan vinyl)

Other wood trim such as coaming or cabin side overlay is available on a custom basis

Hull options:

Stainless steel keel guards     $395

Floor storage hatch                 $295

Bilge pump (built in ‘Whale Gusher’)     $395

Outboard motor bracket        $119

Bronze 5” cleats                     $40 ea

Stainless steel Pop-up cleats $60 ea

4” Horn type stainless steel cleats  $29

Performance / operational options:

Trailer, galvanized (custom designed for Scamp)       $1049

Swiveling mainsheet cleat with removable base       $109

Jiffy reefing                          $ 119

Compass, bulkhead mounted Richie #RITV57.2        $95

Oars 9’4″ (2-pc fiberglass shaft w/bronze oarlocks) $329 pr

Lehr 2.5 Hp propane outboard motor                  $1249

Lehr 5 hp Propane outboard motor                      $1895

Lehr 10 pound propane tank, marine rated           $ 119

We will be developing other items such as covers, cockpit covers, cushions, etc. Your input is welcome!