This is just a short update… we are crazy busy right now in Mid June. Not only are we working on determining the assembly techniques for Scamp #1 and subsequent Scamps, but it’s also the height of the season for folks looking for Melonseeds, Whitehalls, Jersey Skiffs, yacht tenders, etc. A typical day might involve 20 phone calls, 10 long e mails, a few drop in customers and of course new owners from all over the country coming to pick up their Gig Harbor Craft.

Scamp #1 is almost ready for sea trials. The centerboard is installed, rudder built, pintles designed, hatches in place, basic trim started. All the components for the sail rig are here so it should be complete and ready to step in the boat by late next week.

And now, after months of beating around the bush I’ll come out and say it! Sea trials the week of 6/24!

P.S. We had some special visitors in the shop the other day.  They had a great time inspecting the build:

Dave’s grandkids inspecting the forepeak “accommodations.”