Available now is a 2005 Whitehall sailboat with a sliding seat for rowing and 8′ spoon oars. It has wood trim and has been well cared for. It has also had a few interesting modifications such as a bucket seat for rowing and a drop in passenger seat with a seat back. The owner added a compass and there are many extras. It comes complete with a sail rig with all the lines and includes mast, sails, daggerboard and tiller with kick up rudder. It also has it’s own galvanized trailer complete with a spare tire. It also has a stainless steel strip on the keel, A similar vessel, if sold new, would be worth $12,400 . This boat is in fine condition and available for some immediate rowing or sailing and is being offered at $9,200 . If in consideration, please call or email for more details. boatshop@ghboats.com