This lightly used Lobsterboat from 2005 is available and has a few custom features dreamed up by the previous owner. It is in great shape and has extra wood features added by the owner. It has varnished wooden floorboards and wooden seat tops which gives it a beautiful look. Included are storage hatches and a battery mount. There’s room under the bow for stowables plus a spot for fuel with a channel for routing the line. It also comes with a pair of varnished oars and a boat cover. The trailer has been customized with guide bars and tongue steps to help out with launching and loading. It also has a built in fish finder and bilge pump. This is a chance to insure your future boating for years to come with out having to wait. This Lobsterboat can be yours for $10,100. Please contact us at or 253-851-2126 for more information.