Here is a small collection of links to other websites that our customers may find interesting.


The Traditional Small Craft Association (TSCA), is founded on the principle of preserving our nautical heritage by owning and using boats that have been with us for the last century. Our boats are replicas of these craft and fit right in.

If you lean toward competative rowing, Sound Rowers is a Puget Sound group that does timed races at various venues.

Boat History and Construction

The Gig Harbor History Museum has information about our local history. Learn about the large role that boats had in our local economy and culture.

Raids and Races

What is a RAID? It is a competative race where both rowing and sailing are allowed. In general the boats are rated to help even up the chances of winning based on hull length, sail area etc. But while competative in spirit, the racers are generally some of the nicest folks you’ll want to meet. And we’ve found its a great way to travel and combine an adventure with a chance to meet folks who have a passion for small boats. The Gig Harbor Jersey Skiff is an ideal boat for a RAID.

Local Competitions

If you live in the Northwest, you might consider the Shipyard School RAID that is run out of Victoria B.C. In 2005 its race is from Gabrolia Island to Port Townsend.

Here in Gig Harbor, there is a race called the Heritage Row from Gig Harbor to Point Defiance and back that is put on by the local historical society. It’s a lot of fun, and we usually have an entry from the boatshop there.

International Adventures

If you ever thought about going on a RAID, one of the more famous is RAID Finland which takes place every summer.

Perhaps the smell of the peat calls to you? Well there is a RAID in Scotland, too…visit Sail Caledonia.

Or maybe you would enjoy sipping wine at lunch and eating fine French food prepared by a chef at Canotage de France


If an adventure calls to you here in Washington state we have a network of water trails. More information can be found at Washington Water Trails orWashington State Parks

Washington State Boat Ramps

Washington State Fish and Wildlife License information, news and updates to the regulations.

Fishing for Salmon, pick up some tips at Salmon University.

Tide tables for the East and West coast of the USA, Canada

National Buoy Weather data for offshore weather.

Washington State Shoreline Aerial Photographs This is a great resource to help plan your Washington State adventures.

Online Suppliers

Yep, sometimes we shop on line too, we don’t often recommend stores but those that we have had successful transactions with over a period of time will make it here.

Captain’s Nautical, a store with more charts than you shake a fist at. Also a fine place to have your compass repaired if its at all possible.

Layline, a store for the racing sailor. Still if you need rope, foul weather gear, sailing gloves etc, they have good customer service and resonable prices.


There are very few magazines that devote themselves to craft such as ours, a print one that we particularly like is Small Craft Advisor and we think you will too.

Also there is an online magazine called Duckworks Magazine that also has some interesting reading from time to time. It’s mostly for boat builders but their are some good small boat cruising articles.