During the early 1900’s, hundreds of efficient, seaworthy small boats were used for salmon fishing in the tide rips and chop at Point Defiance, Washington. Our modified version of this classic small craft has more beam and a broader transom than the original, providing increased weight-carrying capacity and stability.

The Point Defiance offers tremendous versatility; it can be rowed either tandem or solo, is a delight to sail, and can easily accept an outboard motor to make an excellent fishing boat.

If you’ve never owned a boat before, it would be hard to go wrong with a Pt. Defiance. The hull is very forgiving and it is probably our easiest boat to sail. Rowing is a dream; it doesn’t track quite as strongly as the 14′ Whitehall, but with its full keel it holds a course quite well and rows with little effort. The lighter-weight composite version can be carried on a roof rack, which eliminates the cost and storage issues associated with a trailer. The Pt. Defiance can handle the chop of almost any lake, and can handle most any weather with some common sense.

This boat is great for teaching your kids or grandkids what boating is all about, whether it’s sailing, floating on a pond and fishing, or learning to row. The Point Defiance is big enough for you and the kids to enjoy a day on the water, and small enough for them to handle alone.

“This boat delivers! It is, if anything, even nicer to row than I presumed it would be. It tracks arrow straight & moves along nicely with little effort. The area pictured isn’t always so benign looking, as you probably know; winds, wakes and tides can make for some very challenging small boat handling. None of these caused me any problems. And, as you said would happen, we got a lot of compliments from fellow islanders, some of whom are also rowers, on the boat’s lines and traditional “look.” “Simplicity”, as we have unofficially named her, is a hit. Thanks to you and your fellow craftsmen for a fine job.”

~Mike, Anchorage AK (12′ Point Defiance)

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“When I took her out for her first row, I knew she was a winner. What a sweetheart of a boat to row. I’ve had her out in a bit of weather and she has handled nicely, never felt uncomfortable. . . . Axel loves hopping in that boat now more than he does going for a ride in the truck. Now that’s saying something! Thanks for building a great boat. . . I have been a tug boat Captain for over 25 years and have worked at sea my entire life. Of all the boats I’ve been on, big or small, they all have had there own personalities. IDA certainly has a wonderful personality.”

~Captain D. Engblom (12′ Point Defiance)

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“Wanted you to know that Irene and I are very happy with our new Pt. Defiance. She glides through the water easily. And we have had no trouble rowing in tandem, but thanks for explaining the faster and faster phenomenon. We experienced it and knew to settle down and row a steady pace, thanks to your explanation. No real weather this weekend to test her stability, though a few boat wakes hint that everything you have said and more will be true. We have about 9-10 miles on her on the weekend. Due to the efficiency of the hull design, we traveled much further than we have done in the past by human power only. Nice to see parts of Hood Canal we haven’t seen since selling our ski boat several years ago. In our travels this weekend we noted two Whitehall boats you have made. Nice to be among the classy crowd! Thanks for making such a great boat available!”

– P. Farsje, Happy Hollow Yacht Club(12′ Point Defiance)

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Point Defiance Specifications
LOA: 11’11″
BEAM: 58″
Fiberglass Kevlar/Composite
DISPLACEMENT: 155 lbs 130 lbs
SAIL AREA: Main, 57 sq. ft. Jib, 28 sq. ft. Optional Genoa, 32 sq. ft.

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