Rudder-Mount Electric Motor

In our quest for quiet, unobtrusive propulsion we have developed a powerful, economical, efficient (and definitely fun to use) electric motor. Power comes from a modern sealed 12 or 24 volt motor mounted directly on the rudder. This gives excellent directional control and may be used in conjunction with the sail rig or used by itself to make a delightful Harbor Launch. The standard 55 pound thrust version will run from about 2 hours at maximum speed to about 10 hours at trolling speed when using a standard 12 volt deepcycle battery. For longer running time or for use on larger boats we offer a 24 volt unit 66 pound thrust model with dual batteries.

The controller is a small hand held discreet unit that furnishes infinite variable speed in both forward and reverse. The motor and controller can be removed from the rudder in less than a minute simply by loosening two wing bolts and disconnecting the two quick release electrical connectors.

Our price for the 12-volt and the 24V motor rudder-mounted electric motor includes installation. Delco 12V deep-cycle marine batteries are also available from us. Prices are listed here.

Check out this video of Dave silently “parking” a 12′ Point Defiance with the rudder-mounted electric motor!