17′ Salish Voyager

Combining the most-loved aspects of our Jersey Skiff and Melonseed in one adventure-worthy vessel.

Smooth sailing. Ample dry storage. Optional tandem rowing seats.

As long-distance rowing and sailing has become more popular in recent years, we’ve started receiving a lot of requests for a truly expedition-worthy sailboat with tandem sliding rowing seats. Our Jersey Skiff and Melonseed are already two standouts, and now we’re blending the two together into one epically capable small craft. 

Starting with the fast, forgiving and capable Jersey Skiff hull, we are adapting a Lug rig as we use with the Melonseed for ease of assembly and forgiving sail attributes. Of equal importance, the lug rig’s forward mast location opens up the interior to create a long footwell for tandem sliding seats.

This new boat will also have standard water ballast, self bailing floor, and enclosed storage for increased stability, seaworthiness and utility. We think it will really answer the need for a reasonably priced ‘do everything well’ human- and sail-powered vessel.

The 17′ Salish Voyager prototype is almost done!

See video below of the first water test, and read about it in our latest blog update here

Salish Voyager Full Specifications (TBD)

  No deck With deck
(Displacement shown is fiberglass, kevlar is unavailable in this model)
SAIL AREA: TBD (balanced lug rig)
Model-Specific Options:
  • Tandem sliding seats (one comes standard)
  • Storage hatches (port and starboard)
  • 2nd set port and starboard hatches
  • Front hatch
  • Floor hatch

Construction updates from the blog: 


The story of the 17′ Salish Voyager

The story of the 17′ Salish Voyager

In the coming weeks leading up to our official reveal of the completed vessel (hopefully about a month from now), we’ll be sharing a look behind the scenes at what goes into creating a new boat based on traditional working sail designs, yet adapted for the needs of modern adventurers.


Place a preorder by June 28, and take $2,000 off the base price.

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